Channel 9’s public information and educational programming reaches over 109,000 households with a market penetration of 70% in the Anchorage area

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Programming: Most of the programming is either public domain or copyright permission has been obtained by the producer. No funding is appropriated for program content, unless purchased through a grant to meet public education and information requirements.

History: Channel 9’s roots began as Channel 74 in 1982 under the Anchorage Fire Department. It was technically designed and installed by Tom Kempton, then an AFD Medic on special assignment to the Chief. All fire stations were connected through a closed circuit/scrambled television cable system called the Emergency Service Network (ESN) using the I-Net (a two-way cable communication system).

Channel 74 supplemented AFD’s training of fire fighter/paramedics through its closed circuit capabilities. In 1997, Molly McCoy and Tom Kempton wrote a FEMA mitigation grant, which awarded the Fire Department funding to program and air “wildfire” public education and information in the open to the general public.

Channel 10’s video library collection began in 1997 with 15 public domain ”Firewise” programs. Today, Channel 9’s collection exceeds 600 programs.

This public education reach increased in 1999. The channel was reassigned to Channel 47, a “fiber optic” line.  Public education immediately jumped to 60,000 Anchorage households.

In 2002, the channel was converted to Channel 9 – reaching a greater audience for public information and education.