Fire Training Channel 650 utilizes digital technology, combined with a fiber-optic closed-circuit/scrambled cable television, to reach over 400 Fire Department personnel.  All fire stations in the Anchorage Bowl Area, plus administration and support staff assigned to various locations throughout the Anchorage area, have access to Channel 650.

Television training programs range from Wildland Fire Fighter Safety courses for “Red Card” certification to the “Excellence Through Training  Series”, covering a wide range of fire fighter and paramedic subjects. This closed-circuit television capability helps reduce some of the costly, labor-intensive classroom teaching and reinforces classroom lectures.

HISTORY: Channel 650 originated as a closed circuit/scrambled Channel 74 in 1982, designed and installed by former Battalion Chief Tom Kempton. It supplemented and enhanced AFD’s Training Division for instructional and educational training in fire, emergency medical services (EMS), and hazardous materials (HazMat). All fire stations were connected through a closed circuit/scrambled television cable system called the Emergency Service Network (ESN) using the I-Net (a two-way cable communication system).